Coaching Services

Take action and transform your life. I will work individually with you and create a unique plan to obtain your specific goals. I will help you move forward and set professional and personal goals that gives you the life you really want. I can show you how to be happy, healthy and balance your life.

Communication Skills

Learn to deliver an effective message.

Conflict Management

Solve the underlying problems of conflict.

Corporate Coaching

For employees personal and professional lives.

Health and Wellness

Get the body you want inside and out.

Personal Growth

Set clear goals and get focused.


Be a better employee or manager.

Professional Development

Find career fulfillment or the right next job.


Find fulfillment in your personal relationships.

"The greatest freedom is freedom of choice."

– William Jennings Bryan

Package 1: life Coaching sessions by the hour

This is the perfect choice for those unsure of where they want to go with the life coaching process. I have lots of tools to help you figure out what it is you want to improve and a path forward to do it! After your free consultation we will work together in single 50 minute sessions continuing as long as you like. Our life coaching will be customized based on your needs because no two coaching relationships are the same.

Package 2: Assessment and 3 Coaching Sessions (best deal!)

As individuals, we view the world through filters (based on our experiences, values, assumptions, etc.). Those filters will either limit what we see (like tunnel vision) or expand what we see (like a prism) and, thus, impact how we perceive and what we think about our circumstances. This, in turn, impacts how we show up in different situations.

The assessment reveals what specific filters you’ve developed and how those filters are influencing the results you’re achieving. You'll learn about the levels of leadership and how much energy you currently have in the catabolic-suppressing range and in the anabolic-inspirational range.  You'll be coached on how to navigate yourself to higher performance. In addition you will get three 50 minute life coaching sessions based on your needs because no two coaching relationships are the same.

You get 3 life coaching sessions as part of this package, the best deal $$ out of the 4!

Package 3: 10 life Coaching Sessions

Change does not come overnight. The average coach/client relationship lasts anywhere from 3-7 months. Based on our consultation it may become clear to you that it’s best to start with a package that includes multiple sessions. We will work together every week/every other week in 50 minute sessions to start making the changes you’re looking for in your personal and professional life.

*Corporate life coaching workshops and life coaching in person available upon request. Prices vary based on each the needs of the client.

Get the Most Out of Living

Life Coaching with Jeremy will help you improve your personal and professional life, including:

  • Finances - Make money doing what you love
  • Relationships - Solving family conflict
  • Happiness - Stress management
  • Time Management - Improving the balance between work and life
  • Improving Self - Personal growth and development
  • Career - Meet your goals
  • Communication Skills - Leadership development and public speaking skills

  • Cancellation Policy: You must notify me at least 24 hours in advance if you wish to cancel your appointment. Otherwise you will need to bear the full cost of the session.
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